Christmas 2014 Vacation Ideas – Best Places to Visit during 25/12/2014

Christmas days are vacation days for all the Christians across the globe, so you of course will be planning to travel or fly at a place of your dream. Here you will be getting the phenomenal info about the best Christmas 2014 vacation ideas. All these places can be considered as best places to visit during 25th December 2014.

Christmas 2014 Vacation Ideas

Consider checking the links given below for the exact location information and ideas.

If you are a die-hard Christmas fan, then you will like nothing better than a luxury vacation in Salzburg; stroll along cobble stone streets and take in the inviting aromas of the Christkindl Markt (Christmas Market). Attend the spectacular annual Imperial Ball in Vienna as part of this vacation package and ring in 2011 in the ultimate way. For a hefty price tag of nearly $8,000, you can have the time of your life with other singles during the holiday season.

For travelers who can’t decide on a location, a great way to sample some destinations would be to take a cruise. With many cruise lines throughout the world, there is an itinerary for just about every place over Christmas. Cruises are an appealing option because travelers can do as much or as little as they want. For thrill-seekers, there are usually all types of ship activities that allow people to plan their whole day or just relax with a cool drink on deck while soaking up the sun.

Some holiday vacation ideas for those who want to see snow or embrace the winter would include a ski or snowmobile trip. Throughout the Rocky Mountains in the Western United States, the Swiss and French Alps of Europe, and Canada, there are many resorts for all skiers of all levels. There are also tour companies that offer snowmobile tours or rentals in the same locations for those people who need more speed than skis will allow.

The only oddity that struck me was that the top notch hotel accommodations are shared so you will be rooming with another person. It just seems strange to label something as “luxury” and charge an eye-dropping amount of money and then expect you to share your spectacular room with a stranger.

The trip is organized by Luxury Singles Travel; check them out for other singles trips as well.

The above trip is practically the only trip I could find for this year’s (2010) holiday season while searching online. I did come across a trip for next New Year’s (2011) in fabulous Rome. It’s organized by Wander Woman. I emailed them for more information so will update this post. They also have a handful of other group vacations for women traveling solo all during the year.

2009 featured a couple of singles Christmas vacations; perhaps they are repeating their itineraries for this year or next year.

Check out the substantial post on Singles Christmas/New Year’s Vacations on the blog, Kris Kringle for Singles.

There are a few other sites I came across in my search for singles travel that plan trips throughout the year. Let me know if you’re interested in those sites and I’ll post them here or in another blog post.

A collection of books dedicated to singles travel (for women) may come in handy in preparing yourself to travel solo (or not).

Hope this article served you for your needs, much updates will be given as the Christmas day comes closer.

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